Daily Guide Post – We Are Because Of God

Daily Word

We are because God is. Therefore knowing is not enough, we must work. Willing is not enough, we must do, and because we are created in God’s image He will help so we can do.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

I think, therefor I am. Great words that I reflect on in times of hard ship and pain times when I feel like there is no point in living I reflect on those simple words. Because those words give me more hope than any other, reason being is that God give me my mind to think to solve problems and to live on. I can think and ask him for help in my time of need, I can think and thank him for my life, I can think because he made me. So when I say I think therefore I am, I know God still loves me to so much he allows me to think. And so I will think and I will do what I can to please him today. So remember those words as this week goes by and remember God give you the ability to think so think of something to do for him.

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