Daily Guide Post – Blessings

Daily word

We all talk about getting the desires of our hearts met, and get all excited about the scripture telling us to delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give the desires of the heart. If you are discouraged by not having and don’t if God is giving. Here is something that should get you excited. There is a difference between giving and receiving, because it’s given doesn’t mean it’s received, so get excited and learn to receive. Pastor Daniel

Will’s word

Many of us think that because God said he will give us blessings that we will receive money cars and all kinds of other thinks and we begin to think so much about what we want and what we are getting that we forget to look to for what we have been promised and pass it right by. Because it wasn’t what we thought we were getting or it wasn’t all of it. Many times it is this sprite of not receiving anything but all of what we think God has for us that is keeping us from getting the blessings that he truly wants to bless us with. So think for a while what you ask God for and then think to see if you were in a place to get a small piece of that or something closes, did you pass it by because that’s not what I asked for. Well it may not have been what you asked for but what someone else asked for and that person might just have the key to your blessing. So receive what God gives to you because it might be for the person with your blessing in their hands and all you have to do is give them what you already know isn’t your blessing. So today and everyday as you go through your daily life and something is given to you take it with a happy heart knowing that if it’s not the blessing you were hoping for that this is one of the keys to getting your blessing know use it to unlock the door.

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