Daily Guide Post Be Needed

Daily Word Life is short therefore make yourself a necessity to somebody. Have a wonderful day. Pastor Daniel Will’s Word Everyone needs someone in their life to help them, and to be there for them when they need someone to lean on. So today be that for someone in your life, be that person you […]

Daily Guide Post God Can Turn it Around

Daily Word How great God is!! He made the great king Nebuchadnezzar eat grass and live with animals for seven years then replaced him on his throne. David from a Shepard boy to army commander without military training, and Joseph from the prison to the world greatest known head of state. All done in a […]

Daily Guide Post Lifes Mistakes

Daily Word Don’t let your mistakes take you down; its part of life’s learning process. Learn from it; let it help you to the next level in life. God bless you. Pastor Daniel Will’s Word Everyone makes mistakes at some point when they are trying to do anything for the first time, but it is […]

Daily Guide Post Follow Your Dreams

Daily Word Don’t give up on your dreams, keep working at it. Do something about it today you didn’t do before. Remember after failing 100 times at the light bulb Thomas Edderson was being told by his friends he has failed, making a light bulb is not possible: he replied. I have just learnt 100 […]

Daily Guide Post Give A Smile

Daily Word Take a little time today for someone; put a smile on their face, or laughter in their heart. It will make your day joyful. Pastor Daniel Will’s Word Giving a smile or making someone laugh can be the greatest gift to someone on a bad day so try it today. For you never […]

Daily Guide Post He Condemns You Not

Daily Word If someone did not condemn you already, somebody will at some point in your life; but God will not condemn you. John 3:17 says God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. No matter what you have done God will […]

Daily Guide Post God Will Never Disapoint

Daily Word How often have you been disappointed by others? How often are you discouraged? Don’t be today for God cares so do not become disheartened, He will never disappoint you or ever let you down. Have a wonderful day. Pastor Daniel Will’s Word No matter who you are, you will be disappointed by something […]

Daily Guide Post Forgiveness

Daily Word I went to Sunday school with the children in the village when I was a young boy. There I learnt you can’t get to Heaven without salvation and obedience. To obey one must love and forgive. When you love and forgive, you receive real joy. Have a joyful and blessed day. Pastor Daniel […]

Daily Guide Post Problem And Solution

Daily Word How are you today, how do you feel? Thinking today of the things and the same need for the past year but nothing is changing and you are wondering what is the problem, or what you are doing wrong. Have you tried talking to God, He knows the problem and the solution to, […]

Daily Guide Post Died For Us

Daily Word We will do everything we can and spend all the money we have to save our lives. Jesus did nothing to save His; instead, He gave up His life to save our life on the cross so that you can have everlasting life. If you have yet received this life, it can be […]