Daily Guide Post Faith In The Word

Daily Word Listen to the words of the wise and think on them. Wise men do great exploits. Wilberforce was sick and all his friends and coworkers said he was crazy and his goals impossible to achieve, yet he single handedly brought the British slave trade to a grinding halt. Why, because he heard the […]

Daily Guide Post Speak For Others

Daily Word God is still looking for someone else who will speak for those who cannot speak. Speaking from their heart and from their pain. Declaring Gods’ wisdom to a world that thinks it’s new. Speaking the truth of God especially to those who know the answer to things, which are of this secular world […]

Daily Guide Post Enough Is Enough

Daily Word When enough really is enough! Today we kill each other’s or ourselves. People are dying younger each day simply because they don’t know when it’s enough, to walk away or take their feet off the pedal, the young thinks they can curse parents and get away with it. Please think today and turn […]

Daily Guide Post Sons Of God

Daily Word The word of God is very important to mankind. That’s why He sent Jesus to dwell among us to give life according to His word. This life will make you a light onto others. This life can be yours today just by believing in Jesus: for the Bible says as many as believe […]

Daily Guide Post Greater Than Any Other

Daily Word How can eternity fit into a melody, the ocean into a car, or a mountain into a cup? Therefore, God who is endless in power and love, in great glory holds all things in His hands cannot be defined or fit into things made or seen by man. He is the same one […]

Daily Guide Post The Little Things

Daily Word Many times, I struggle with things, I try to find all the answers to the questions. I worry about the results of what I say and do when there is no way of knowing what it will be. Two weeks ago the Holy Spirit told me the few things I struggle so much […]

Daily Guide Post What If He Didn’t

Daily Word We use the word “if” so often when time was not taken to think things through, or when we see things go wrong. Think with me for a while today, what if God stopped watching over you, what if He says to the sun and moon I don’t care if you fall from […]

Daily Guide Post God’s Salvation

Daily Word God loves you no matter what you have done. He did not send Jesus to die just for your salvation, but also for your healing and prosperity. God intentions are for you to be healthy prosperous and be born again into His household; that’s why Jesus said that He came to bring salvation […]

Daily Guide Post Take A Break

Daily Word Don’t make your work over run you, take time for those that you love, but most of all take time for god. He loves you and gave his son to die for you. Time with him will get you an eternity with him. Pastor Daniel. Will’s Word It’s always good to take a […]

Daily Guide Post To Long To Be Wrong

Daily Word Many struggles with the issue of life and death. Here is the fact made simple: in the midst of life there is death, there is life, death, and eternal life. Life is short and hell is too hot. so make sure your right for eternity is too long to be wrong. Pastor Daniel […]