Daily Guide Post – Closer Than A Brother

Daily Guide Post

Sunday night came and as I sat down to relax I began thinking about all the difficult times and circumstances that God has brought me through. The many nights I was so lonely I sobbed myself to sleep not knowing how much of a comfort God is until one day I read that He is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Realizing then I could tell God everything, but how to tell it to Him was the real issue, but when I finally did, the comfort that came is beyond explanation. No matter how lonely, sad, hopeless or left out you may feel today, you can tell it to Him. I promise you today, it will change your life. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

As I read what pastor has written it broth back the memories of being in the hospital, lying there that first night unable to move half my body. It made me see just how weak I was, nothing I thought or did would change the fact that I was alone in a small room unable to leave of my own power. Though I know God was there for me it wasn’t until I was willing to hand my fears over to him and tell him everything, that I felt better. The fear of death, having my life destroyed by sickness, losing everything I held closes faded as I talked, without that comfort I would have never made it through that first night. But here I am more than a year later living each day by the grace of God alone. So I can tell you without dough that God will be there for you in your darkest hour and all you have to do is tell him our problems and he will be more than happy to help you overcome them.

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