Daily Guide Post – Praise

Daily Word        

We say thanks and excuse me, with a smiling face say good morning and even ask how are you, or how is your day. When there is not with you what you desire, or your are having a difficult time. Are you thankful then, is the same smile with you or do you find time then to complain? That’s when it is necessary to find something to be thankful for. So today try thanksgiving, praise the Lord. Pastor Daniel there will not be any daily guide post next week, thank you.

Will’s Word

As I write this today I think of the song I listen to whenever I’m down or having a bad day. It tells us to praise him in advance because it will confuse the enemy, but I have learned that that’s not all it will do. I have learned that the best time to just praise the lord or say thank you is the times when things seem to be falling apart when you can’t think of a way out, when you don’t even know what to ask God for because everything seems so wrong. I remember when I was in the hospital getting tested for MS, watching the doctor unwrap a very large needle, as he told me I would have to stay very still to make sure he doesn’t damage my spine as the needle is in it. So many thoughts ran through my mind I haven’t been able to stay still for a minute without one of my muscles pulling and shaking my body without my control. I didn’t know what to ask help for whether it be to stay still have the test be negative and so many more rush through my mind. But without even realizing it all I remember thinking as I sat there still and the needle was pushed into my back was, thank you lord I praise you. Sometimes it’s hard to just say thank you in moments like that and not everyone can but just saying I praise you can bring you threw so much more than you may thing possible. So just say it a few times today weather things are going good or bad and you will see how much easier your day is. Because if I a person who shakes at the very word needle can sit perfectly still for ten minutes with a very large needle in the back imagine what can be done for you.

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