Daily Guide Post – Time

Daily Word
Yesterday, how important is it to you? It was once today, and today only became yesterday tomorrow took it place becoming today. Truth is everybody except you is looking at your yesterday and making a decision about it. Futures are determined by its success and failure too. The good news is, God is more concern about today, so make today count with God’s help, remember it changes to another day and others look at it. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word
Past, present, and future, are all intertwined affecting the one that comes after it, but it’s not a bad thing. Because you know what you do will affect the next you can change and make what you are doing have a good outcome. Though it’s true that we will make mistakes it’s also true that, we can do our best in those times to make things happen that are for the best. So today as you go through your day think about your past and present and what you want your future to be. Now remember that God knows best and if you trust him with what you want and try your best to do the things that will get you there you are sure to end up in a better place than you thought.

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