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It’s a brand new year that the lord has allowed us to see, and this year is going to be like none other we have seen before. And as part of this New Year, we are doing something new, as a church and I am doing something new as a Pastor. When this year started the lord told me I needed to do something new, something I never did before and I have found just that to do, it is this daily post that I will be doing. Not only am I writing this short post each day, I am also sending it out via text message to anyone that wants it.

This short message is then expanded on by my son and posted here to the site, each day so everyone will have access to it at any time. So please feel free to use the contact page to send me a message for any reason, and have a wonderful blessed day.

Daily Post

It’s great day for a miracle, and it could be yours today. According to the gospel of John chapter 5 a lame man lay at the pool of Bethseda for 38 years, then Jesus showed up one day and said to him “will thou be made whole.” The man wanted to be healed, according to his knowledge and on his terms, he answered “I have no man to help me.” Today could be your day for a miracle, but only if you have the correct answer to the question. So today as you go through your day take some time to think, how will you answer the question, “will thou be made whole?” because how you choses to answer wholes the key to whether or not you will receive your miracle.

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