Daily Guide Post Day Off

Daily Word

God is so wonderful, full of love, watching over us and protecting us daily. What would it be like on earth I thought once if God was to take a day off. None of us, not even the greatest minds and thinkers will know what to do, even all others that is called gods. Therefore, be cheerful rainy days and sun-filled ones even on cloudy ones with just raindrops now and then. The plants need rain we need the water sunshine and the shadows too. Our wonderful heavenly father knows how to keep it all together, so be of good cheer today God loves you and so do I, have a wonderful day.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Some of us complain about what we have to do, wanting a day off at times even when we do have days off we still want more. Today I want you to think for a while, God has never taken a day off from helping and protecting this entire planet and us. All because he loves us so much so just remember to thank him today for protecting you and h=not taking the day off.

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