Daily Guide Post Died For Us

Daily Word

We will do everything we can and spend all the money we have to save our lives. Jesus did nothing to save His; instead, He gave up His life to save our life on the cross so that you can have everlasting life. If you have yet received this life, it can be yours today.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Life what we would not give to save it, when we know that our life is at risk we do whatever it takes in order to stop the risk, to save ourselves. It is our very nature as a living breathing human being, but today I want you to think. It is hard coded into our very DNA to do whatever it takes to save our own lives, never willingly dying, now just think that Jesus did nothing to stop is death he gladly gave his life for you who were not even being born or even have a thought of being born yet. If that isn’t love then what is?

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