Daily Guide Post – Disappointment

Daily Word

For many of us life didn’t turn out the way we planned it, disappointed yes. Often we reach beyond the disappointment to pity ourselves becoming bitter, broken, and barren instead of better. God has promised to take us up. All that is needed is to reach out to Him. Instead ,too often we decide to remain barren by doing nothing, telling ourselves there is no strength to do anything, I can’t do anything it hurts too much; bitter because it happened to me. Will you remain the same or will you arise become better, doing something with the disappointment and misfortune. Please understand today disappointments and problems comes to make us better and stronger so we can do something we never thought we were capable of doing.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

I may be young but I have had my share of disappointment in my life, and though I have not always wanted to keep going or get back up I have. Even sometimes I feel like even if I get up I’m going to be right back to the same point in no time I still manage to get back up, and that’s because God is helping me. Many times, I do not pray for strength to get back up, or even to keep going but telling God my problems even when all I’m doing is telling him I’m going to give up, I’ve had enough. I always seem to wake up with more strength to keep going and overcoming my problem. even though the disappointment is still there from what happened I know feel happy that I overcame it and is going for something better.

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