Daily Guide Post Do We Trust Him?

Daily Word

What does it really mean to trust God in today’s world? Abraham bound up his son to offer him a sacrifice unto God. Job said to his wife, you speak like the foolish women do, God giveth God taketh blessed be His name. Daniel said to the king go-ahead cast me into the lion’s den, God is there too, and He is still able to deliver me, and if He don’t I still praise Him. Praise Him today.
Pastor Daniel

Wills Word

As I read the first line of today’s word from my dad, I couldn’t help but see what I was doing. Here I was worrying about finding a new job, and getting frustrated and down about it. I realized that here I am worrying about something so small and I say I trust God with everything. It’s weird how sometimes it’s the small things that we don’t trust God with. I trust God every day to wake me up and allow me to be able to move my body to the point where the thought of waking up, and not being able to move never comes to mind because I know he will give me the ability everyday despite what happened the day before. If I can trust him with my body and health, why not with getting a job to.

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