Daily Guide Post Enough Is Enough

Daily Word

When enough really is enough! Today we kill each other’s or ourselves. People are dying younger each day simply because they don’t know when it’s enough, to walk away or take their feet off the pedal, the young thinks they can curse parents and get away with it. Please think today and turn to God so that He can help you to do right before He says He has had enough with you.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Everyone believes they are right in the world we live in today and many times this causes so much conflict. But why does it have to, being right or wrong doesn’t matter it’s not worth it to be right when it causes conflict, or when it causes you to get angry or upset. In times like these I thank the lord for giving me the body he has given me, that feels physical pain when I’m angry and before I can get angry. Causing me to think is being in pain worth whatever it is and the answer is always no, just like that we must think is getting upset and angry over something worth your soul, the answer is no so calm down and walk away.

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