Daily Guide Post – Everyday Problems To Him

Daily Word

Today I want to encourage with this short word from the Bible, Call unto God in the midst of your problems and troubles, He will help and deliver you so that you can glorify Him. Have a blessed day. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Every day is another day that the lord has given you the strength to see. But that’s not all, every day he is waiting for us to hand him our problems so he can help us overcome them. Because with every problem you face it’s a chance for him to get the glory when he shows you the way to go, when he lifts you up over it, and when he turns it all around. So today, when you see your problems coming up us turn to God and hand them all over to him and watch as he works things out in your favor. And just stand tall and thank him, give him the glory and watch as miracles happen.

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