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We expect much more from our leaders and employers than God. God who is greater than all, and is able to do that which is beyond our expectations, so set them high. Remember God has to use you to meet those expectations
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Expect everything from God for he is the only one that can give you anything, and everything your heart desires. I remember when I was a child and it was hard for me to learn anything, the one thing I wanted was to be smarter than I was and I didn’t know how to gain more knowledge. I was young and I knew that I couldn’t do anything to get me the one thing I truly wanted so I asked God for it. Every day I prayed and waited and believed, now I am 21 and I know more than most people will ever know in their lifetimes, and I didn’t learn most of it. I know God give me the knowledge and intellect that I asked for, for so long and because I wouldn’t give up and trusted him he give me more than I thought possible. So what do you want today think about it, ask God for it, and trust him, don’t give up and you will have it.

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