Daily Guide Post Faith In The Word

Daily Word

Listen to the words of the wise and think on them. Wise men do great exploits. Wilberforce was sick and all his friends and coworkers said he was crazy and his goals impossible to achieve, yet he single handedly brought the British slave trade to a grinding halt. Why, because he heard the words of the wise, thought about it, and what he could do about it with God helping him, not what men say can or cannot be done.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Holding on to your word is a very powerful thing, when you say you will do something don’t let go until you do, give it your all in every way until it’s done. Hold on to it and have faith that God will help you and no matter the likely outcome may be, know you can do anything with God’s help. So today speak the things you want and have faith that they will be done.

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