Fear the lord

Proverbs 19:23 says “The fear of the lord tendeth to life and who have it shall live satisfied, and evil shall not visit him.” In this verse the word of the lord is telling us that to fear the lord is to love the lord and to have respect for him. This same love brings satisfaction to your life and fills your soul with joy, but if you do not love the lord enough to serve him. Then when fear and despair grips your life he will not be there to lift you up out of it.

When fear brings destruction into your life and it looks as though God is not helping it is because he dose not help those that forsake him and do not love him. There for think for a moment about your life, the fear that you have to live with and whether or not the lord is helping you with it. Think if you need to change anything in your life so that you will know that there will be someone greater than you there, to help you when times of fear arise in your life.

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