Daily Guide Post Following God

Daily Word

It’s a wonderful day; we are blessed to have God watching out for us. He wants to lead us all, so would you let Him lead you today so that He can lighten your day with joy and peace as you work through today, God bless you.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

The bible says we are leaders not followers, and many use that to say they must always be in charge of everything. However, the bible also says we are Gods sheep, which means we must follow in his steps without worry that anything bad will happen. So today as you lead those around you remember that, you are one of Gods sheep and all you have to do is follow him, and you will be on the right path even though it may seem wrong at times to you, as long as you are following after him, it is the right path. Moreover, you will be safe just like one of the sheep following its master.

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