Daily Guide Post – Get up

Daily Word
All of us call on God from time to time for help because of one issue or another. God gives us wonderful instruction about calling on Him in our time of trouble. “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.” If you need God to deliver you, begin to glorify Him.
Pastor Daniel
Will’s Word
The lord is always there when we need him to give us a helping hand, he stands next to us at all times even when we think he isn’t there. Just waiting for us to ask for his help whole-heartedly and just give our problems onto him. Though sometimes we may sit and wonder why we are going through things, why isn’t God helping me with my problem. We all do it even me as I sat down to write it and all the stress of my life came rushing to my mind I was stuck until just now as a song I haven’t heard in so long just started. The words just jumped out at me “Get up, get up, get up in Jesus name the lord is calling daily to those who would be saved, don’t go down defeated when victory is here to save.” My mood instantly changed, I knew I shouldn’t be sitting here thinking about all the problems I have and where God is because he’s waiting on me to get up in his name and show the devil I will not stand by doing nothing while he gives me problems. So today, I am not asking I am telling you to get up in Jesus name and show the devil that no problem is too great for God and he will help you so he will not keep you down.

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