Daily Guide Post – Get back up

Daily Word

I stumbled and fell one day as child, my father said boy watch where you are putting feet. It only took a few minutes for me to fall twice more and not wanting to get up again. My father reached down and took my hand, I didn’t mean for you to watch your feet where it touches the ground I meant to watch ahead so you will see the best place to walk. so today if you feel like I did and don’t want to get up and go again, your heavenly father is reaching out His hand to you asking you to arise and take your eyes off your feet and place it on the path. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

I have fallen many times in my life and there has been times in the last year where I just didn’t want to even try to get back up because I saw no point, I knew I would be falling again the moment I tried to walk forward again but I still did, and I fell and again I got up and tried until I stayed standing. Though I am using what is happening to my body as an example I see it as the same when we fall in the lord we need to get back up and still try. No matter how many times we fall we must always arise and try, but try harder and harder each time we get up. Show the devil that he may be able to trip us at times but we will get back up and look to God every time. And in those times that we think we can never get back up again just stretch your had out and hold tight a God pick you up. So remember today to get back up and look to God.

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