Daily Guide Post – Give It Him

Daily Word

Let God be the strength of your life daily; for when your task is so great that it over powers you, remember God is greater and his strength is available to you. God is greater than every problem. God is bigger than your sorrows and your burdens, god is greater than anything you can or cannot see.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Hand it all over to God today, it will be okay no matter the problem he will help you to handle it. No matter how bad things may seem to you just remember this God created all things the heavens and the earth, and stars above. Therefore, when you think that your problem is too much for him to handle just look up if he could handle making all that is below you and all that is above you. Then how bad can your problem be that it’s more than creating everything you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. And if that’s not enough for you to think your problem can be fixed remember he did it in six days, it didn’t even take him a full week to do.

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