Daily Guide Post God Can Turn it Around

Daily Word

How great God is!! He made the great king Nebuchadnezzar eat grass and live with animals for seven years then replaced him on his throne. David from a Shepard boy to army commander without military training, and Joseph from the prison to the world greatest known head of state. All done in a single day. Now think of what this same God can and will do for you if you will love and serve Him. Have a blessed day.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Just like your day cam start good end turn to the worst day of your life. It is the same with God your bad day can be turn to the best day of your life and all you have to do is follow God’s word. I went to the hospital hardly able to move half my body, was told the next day that it would take at least two weeks before I could stand and take a step without help. Three days later, I was walking to the car to go home. So remember today that God can do anything in any amount of time just trust in him and know he knows best.

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