Daily Guide Post – God Be For You

If God be for you then who can be against you, these words fill my mind as I sit in the park wondering what to write about. Thoughts come to mind of the many things that should have gone wrong in my life, or the things that worked out when they were others trying their best to make things go wrong. Just those words should give us all the faith we need to believe that anything is possible, for God the father creator of all things great and small from the smallest bug to the largest Whale, is for you. So what do we have to worry about for the maker and master of all things be on our side who dears to he against us.

So the next time you are afraid that someone will do something to you, or that someone or something is going to cause you harm or to fail. Just remember who it is that is for you, for if those that sin can have their way because there boss is behind them just think what do you have to fear. For the creator of all things is backing you and you don’t need to fear for he will make a way. He will protect you from all that try to harm you; he will change every evil plain to be in your favor. So be ye not afraid for the lord is always with you and he is for you and no man can be against you.

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