Daily Guide Post God Is Speaking

Daily Word

God is always speaking, are you listening?

Will’s Word

Well today, the daily word was a question, but an important question that we must all answer. Be honest with yourself when you answer this question, are you really listening to God on a daily bases are you on a weekly bases or you even listening to him at all. This question you must ask yourself and try your best to answer it. For me the answer is simple I am trying, sometimes I am not sure what God is trying to tell me but I always do my best to listen and know what he is say, though sometimes I do feel as though he isn’t saying anything and then I know, I am not trying my best. So today I am going to leave you with my solution to that problem whenever I feel as though God isn’t there talking to me when I am trying to hear from him I turn and talk to him. So today listen carefully and if you don’t think you hear anything talk too God he will answer you back.

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