Daily Guid Post Gods always there

Daily Word

God loves you, with an everlasting love and there is nothing good He will not do for you, but you must allow Him to it for you.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Today I woke up worrying about something that I shouldn’t after all it was and is my dream. But for some reason I just felt so behind, that I didn’t even want to eat but I knew I had to so I started making my breakfast. I hit the play button on my phone and my music started playing my favorite songs that I listen to when I feel I need help from God. As I finished making my breakfast the music stopped and it was the text up above. I could help but smile because right at the moment as the song stopped, I was thinking, God must be watching over me this moment helping me feel better. So today to everyone who feels down just look around you and you will see God is right there with you so just let him help.

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