Daily Guide Post – God’s Gift

Daily Word

Have you ever taken the time to consider all the things and the blessings that God has given to you. There is a purpose for everything that you are given. Think today about why you are here, and received the things you have. Now consider the reason for your life having such things instead of another.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

God gives us all what we need to do his work, the abilities and drive to do them. However, it’s not just and ability to do something that he will give us but a want to do it. For me the ability God has given me is the ability to write, coming from a kid that could hardly read or spell to being able to write like someone that has been studying writing for years is truly a God given gift. What’s more, I love writing more than doing anything else, and I do it as often as possible. God give me my gift of writing so I can reach people through the written word, and God give you a gift as well. So today, think about the things in your life that you do, that you enjoy, and that you know you shouldn’t be able to do. Find your gift God has given you and use it for him today.

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