Daily Guide Post – Gods Guide

Daily Guide Post

It’s the 25th day of the year here is todays guide post. On the open ocean when no land is in sight, the sun is used by day and the stars by night to guide ships to land. The Bible is the only guide to eternity which is not in sight, follow it and you will not be lost from God and heaven for all eternity. Pastor Daniel

Will’s word

Everyday we live we follow guides and maps and many other things, that help lead us to where we are going for the day. Whether it is to a location or just the simple plan of our day, we use theses guides to make things easier to make sure we do what we must and be where we have to be. But sometimes in all the things we do on our day to day we forget the most important guide the word of God. We stress and we run around doing our best, we pray and try to stay in his word but we do not let it guide us. With all that is around us and with life being unknown we must take the time to let God’s word guide us, and not just in the things we must do to stay upright in his face but also in everything else. All those little things that stress us out or even those that take up our time we must learn to let the word guide us to God for all of them. Because if we look to his word all things are answered for you, even when we trip and fall it tells us to reach out and the lord will help you back to your feet. So today put your faith in God and let his word guide you.

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