Daily Guide Post – Gods love

Daily Word

For more than 30 years I came to realize how loving God is. Last night was one of the times God love and comfort taught me afresh how comforting He is, and how inadequate we are without Him. There is nothing to hard for God to do or he will not do for those who love and trust Him. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

God’s love is truly one of the greatest things that we can feel, for his love over whelms us to our core and no matter how bad we may feel his love will help us. I know this is true without dough, I have always trusted in God for the things I want and need and without fail I have gotten exactly what I needed to get, and though many times more than not I have not gotten what I asked for but something different. But every time I look back at what I asked for and what I got I always see that what I got was better but not only that but what I asked for would have cost me something more than what I was willing to pay and I don’t mean money. It just shows his love that even in the smallest of things he will always do what is best for you. It may not seem like a big deal but I got a new computer last week for my birthday and when I was buying it I asked God for help, I told him what I needed and then I looked online. I picked one that seemed a bit random, because the one I wanted wasn’t in stock, now that I have it I am happy the other wasn’t in stock because the only real reason I wanted the other one was it was read but now that I have this one and I know the keyboard for the other one was different I am happy because it is so much easier to type on this than all the other computers in my house. So it goes to show that even though I wasn’t thinking about getting a computer that would make it much easier for me to type on God saw that I would need it and he cause me to get just what I need. So today just trust the lord and his love know he will always always more than any other do just what is best for you each and every day in all things just let him.

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