Daily Guide Post – Cup Half Full

Daily Guide Post

Your miracle could be before you today, but you are not seeing it so you can’t reach for it. You can’t reach for that which is not seen. In 1 Samuel 17 the army of Israel saw Goliath as the destroyer of their army, David saw him as his miracle, they saw death David saw life, they saw failure he saw success, they saw a cemetery he saw a throne. So take another look at what’s in front you, and think before you speak: Did you see the cup half full or half empty. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Well what more can I say as usual my Father’s words may be short but they are to the point. Well how we see the world is not just about seeing the glass half full or half empty, it’s about how we see everything. As children of God we must always see the up side to things and even when we don’t see the upside to things or think there is no upside. We must remember and believe that God will always make things better for us in the end, for God is the ultimate upside and his glass is never half empty or even half full. His glass is always over flowing, so the next time you feel down, or don’t see the upside to something, just remember one thing. We may see the glass as half full or half empty it doesn’t matter but just remember God holds the pitcher in his hands and he is just waiting for you to extend you glass just like David and fill it pass the top and slay your Goliath.

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