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So few seeketh after wisdom or looketh after understanding, yet wisdom and understanding is better than silver and fine gold, more precious than diamonds or rubies. It vanquishes fear, increases pleasantness and peace to the paths of life. If that’s not enough, the scripture says by wisdom God founded the earth and understanding He established the heavens. Solomon was the wiseiest and richest man ever lived because he asked for wisdom and understanding. Have you asked yet?? Pastor Daniel

Will’s word

Knowledge is a very powerful thing that we all need and sometimes think we cannot have. But that is never true; for with God anything is possible, just look at me. When I was younger I was the one at the back of the class I had trouble reading writing well actually I had trouble with everything in school. No matter how hard I tried I had a lot of trouble learning anything, but look at me now, not only able to read and write but, I have thought classes, built websites for people even correct writing so it was presentable for business. All thanks to God all I had to do was ask and he gave me what I asked for without fail. So today as you go through your day just think about all the things that you need to know or have trouble understanding and remember God created all things and from him come the knowledge to do all things. So if he holds the knowledge of all things then ask him to teach you because he is the greatest teacher there is, able to teach you anything, and the best part is you will enjoy learning from God. So today ask him and let him teach you his ways and all that you need to know.

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