Daily Guide Post Live Joyfully

Daily Word

Do not employ anger or aggression; let your spirit be energized from a field of love. Instead of struggling with goals, make a commitment to live joyfully. Stop dreaming about tomorrow and use the one thing you are sure of, NOW. Get committed to do something joyfully with it; you’ll be surprised what it will produce for your tomorrow.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Joy makes life worth living and achieving ones goals brings joy and a sense of accomplishment. But the biggest hindrance to us getting to our goals is ourselves, we get angry about not having meat our goals and give up, or we don’t take joy in doing the things that will lead us to our goals and before we know it, we are far from our goal and it seems like it will never be achieved. So today take joy in your life in everything, you do look at the bright side, and soon you will see that, you are going farther than you thought a lot faster than you thought it would take. After all when you’re angry for 30 seconds you waste and entire minute of your life.

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