Daily Guide Post – Look Around You

Daily Word

There are many things around us that can brighten our day if we just take the time to look around. For example, there was a beautiful sunrise today, flowers are blooming everywhere, the birds are still singing. Think about it, it doesn’t rain all day every day, look at the things you are blessed to have and be thankful; have a blessed joy filled day.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

The Word is amazing thing, blue skies filled with drifting bright white clouds, air blows across the land cooling everything carrying with it the smell of the blossoming flowers. The light from the sun warms the earth as the dew slowly disappears with the rising sun. Sounds like something out of a book but it’s not. This is just another day the lord made. Many times, we don’t stop and let what is around us in, to truly see what is there. So just, stop for a moment today and just look around you and see what’s there.

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