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Daily guide post

The scripture says in Romans 8 Nothing can separate us from the love of God, not death or life, not the angels in heaven neither any power nor principality. I must ask this question, do you love God enough, for His love to embrace you, cover you and keep you? Today is your day to receive such love from God. Pastor Daniel

Will’s word

The love of God is greater than anyone can know, for we cannot camphene the love he has for us. To give of his own for us, but not just giving of his own but giving his only son. Who among us loves another so much we will give our only child to save them. But that’s what he more than willingly did so that he could save us, and no he didn’t give his son so he could save many but he did to save the one. For the bible says the heavens rejoice when even one is saved. So today as you go through your day think about how much God loves you for he gave his only son just for you. And as you think how much you love God and how much he loves you, let his quiet and awesome love over flow in your heart and bring you joy.

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