Daily Guide Post – Mercy

Daily Guide Post

It’s a new day, so is God’s mercy for you today. It is new mercies for you today. If there is one thing that all of us desires each day, its mercy and it brings forgiveness, forgiveness it comes on the wings of mercy. Together they remove the burden and gives peace, so remember to be merciful and forgive today. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Mercy is the one thing we all need, for the mercy of God is like no other it’s not just mercy but it brings with it forgiveness. And in so doing it brings joy and peace of the heart, but this mercy brings with it blessings with it. Many of us don’t realize just how lucky we are that God has shown us mercy,  for if he didn’t we would all have been lost before we were born, in fact if it was for his mercy in spearing Noah none of us would be alive today. But we are and not only that but because of his mercy he give his son to save us. And because of this mercy he helps us every day protecting us even when we go wrong, showing us where we go wrong so we can repent, and helping us find our way back to him every day. Even when we stray far from him to the point where we see no way back his mercy comes and like a light in the dark shines a light on the path and leans us back to him. So as you go through your days just remember the mercy of God, and just think what this world would be like if there was no mercy.

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