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The month of April has come and gone, for me it means I am a year older and 29 years in ministry has also come and gone. I began this walk knowing God a loving provider and healer. I did not think of Him as more than a loving, merciful, kind, providing and healing God. One day that changed and my life has never been the same. I was on my way to church when a man decided he could, Shoot me. I looked into the gun barrel only a few inches from my head but he was not able to pull the trigger of the gun. I saw him a few hours later; in tears he said your God locked, the gun no matter how hard I tried nothing will move. Now He is my deliverer also.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

A new month is here and that means it’s time for us all to look to God for a new blessing a new walk with him, new joy, and mercy. It is true that I have not been alive for as long as my dad has been a pastor, but over the years I have watched him and the way he has touched the lives of those around him, even my life. And like my father I have been threw my moments where by all means I should have died but I am still here, and ii know this life isn’t mine because if it was I would be dead many times over and that’s a fact. So today look at your life and remember even though you may not have been at deaths door you have been threw things that God has delivered you form. And if he did it once, he will do it and more for you in the future so look to him for help and new blessings.

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