Daily Guide Post – No Mans Help

Daily Word

Sometimes problems and ailments is with us for so long that we accept having it with us, even though we want deliverance and help. Someone else helped us for so long that we cannot see we need to help ourselves instead of others helping us always. The Bible tells us of a man sick for 38 years, waiting at the pool of Bethesda to be healed, but when Jesus came and asked, do you want to be made well now? He answered I have no man to help me. What’s yours today?
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

The bible says faith without works is useless and today it’s time to do some work. God will help us with anything we do and he will cause miracle to come forth if we only start the work we need to and have faith. So today, think about what things you know can bring god things in your life and no matter how hard or impossible they may seem ask God for help and start. Look at me I asked God for help and I worked to my goal of writing my book and I have done it and by all means I shouldn’t be able to. However, with God’s help anything is possible.

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