Daily Guide Post Problem And Solution

Daily Word

How are you today, how do you feel? Thinking today of the things and the same need for the past year but nothing is changing and you are wondering what is the problem, or what you are doing wrong. Have you tried talking to God, He knows the problem and the solution to, so talk to Him about it today, it will be as comforting as a rainbow on a rainy day. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Problems we have every day can drive us to the point where we forget that God is right there with the answer. Even I seem to forget at times that I shouldn’t worry about things that are not going as I plan, I need to remind myself at times that things are going the way he planned, that I have asked many times for Gods help and I have given everything over to him so that I maybe what he wants. That sometimes means going through things, I do not want to. So have faith today in God he knows best and will help you through your problems.

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