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In the gospel of Mark, it says Jesus was given wine mixed with myrrh to drink but He received it not. Jesus Himself said, “He came unto his own and his own received him not, but as many as receive him, he gave the power to become the children of God”. In Luke gospel it says men shall give into your bosom, which means it has to be accepted by you. I do hope you get this it’s given does not mean you must receive. Pastor Daniel

Will’s word

Receive – to take into one’s possession (something offered or delivered): to receive many gifts. That is how dictionary.com (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/receive) defines the word receive; the thing I would like to look at in this is not just how it is defined but why I used a site that has nothing to do with the bible. Why I did this is simple sometimes we look and search the bible and miss the meaning of things for a simple reason, we do not understand what a word truly means. I have learned that every word in the bible is used for a reason, and sometimes we just need to look up the meaning of some of these words out of context to truly understand what the bible is trying to say. I know we all want to receive and all read about receiving in the bible or we here pastors tell us we will receive things but never get it and we wonder why, we do everything we are to do to get what we want but yet still we don’t get it. Well sometimes we need to just look at the meaning of things away from the bible, the word receive in every defection has a key meaning behind it. And that meaning is it must be given and it must be taken, to truly receive something you must take it from the giver, even though it is yours you must still take it. This maybe the thing that most of us looking to God for something miss is we wait and watch and that’s it, we don’t take what’s ours we watch it sit there until someone comes along and takes it up for them self. So remember it’s your blessing but you must still reach out and take it for yourself.

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