Daily Guide Post – Role Models

Daily Word
Everyone needs someone as an example to inspire them to get to the next level. Joshua had Moses, David had Samuel, Ruth followed Naomi from Moab because of her God. Naomi instructed Ruth, wash yourself, anoint yourself and put on something fresh. Think for a moment what was said. To get to the next level, wash yesterday’s problems from your face and dress to look where you are going too. Of course you need to know where you going to arrive at.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word
This may seem typical but my example is my dad, yes, it is true he is a pastor but that’s not what made him my example. It’s when he is not that made him the person I always look to when I wonder if I can make it. I have worked by my dad’s side for as long as remember from being a little boy sitting and watching him work, teach, pastor and console people. And day after day, no matter what he does, he never fails to help someone with a kind word, and the reason he is my example is simple. No matter what has happened he has always got back up praying and going forward. Giving me the faith that all the things I have heard him say while he preaches is not just true but he lives them and if he can do it, I know I can to. So today when you look at someone you look up to don’t think why are they able to do something I can’t but think like I do if they can then I know I can to after all the bible says all men are made the same in his image.

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