Daily Guide Post Sacrifice

Daily Word

Every year Hannah and her husband went to Shiloh with their sacrifice and offering unto the Lord, there Hannah prayed for a child. Her husband provided the sacrifice and offering each year and God never answered Hannah prayer. The day that Hannah gave her own sacrifice God answered and Samuel was born.
Pastor Daniel

Wills Word

Sometimes we try and try, and do everything we think God wants from us and we don’t see the things we are asking for. However, today why don’t you take a minute and think what does God really want from you. Maybe it’s not all the things you are doing maybe he just wants that small thing that you aren’t willing to give up. That one thing that seems so unimportant it just never could be it but at the same time, you don’t want to give it up. God is asking for a sacrifice from you, whether it be as simple as giving up your favorite TV show to spend time praying or something big if it takes you something to give it up then that is what God wants from you. Show him today that he is more important than anything in your life and you will do what it takes to show that.

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