Daily Guide Post Say It And It Will Be

Daily Word

To think of anything, and then think it’s impossible to be done should not be possible. The possibilities of getting things done should be thought of, not obstacles. If you think it long, enough you will begin to say it and it will come to pass. Think positively for you will surely get what you think.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

I was reading one of my guides on self-publishing last week and in the first chapter, it was talking about things that need to be done before you start. The first thing it talked about getting done was setting a goal and a plan for what you want to have done and writing it down as if it has already happened. Then it said read it to yourself every chance you get, you will start to believe it and then you will make it happen. Therefore, if you can motive yourself to do things just by saying then imagine what you can do when you tell then to God every chance you get.

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