Daily Guide Post- The Ant

Daily word

In the 1960’s Sir Rupert John said to an audience of students ‘take time kill ants, you will find the guts.” I was one of those students and it was the greatest words of inspiration ever received. The Bible calls the ant a people, saying go and consider her ways to be wise. Now consider her ways. They have no guide, no leader, no boss, no CEO, not strong, yet never discouraged, just keep leading themselves marching on even finding ways across flowing streams. They never quit. Pastor Daniel

Will’s word

It’s funny that today the daily word uses the ant to teach us a lesion; I have learned many things from the ant. Because though they are small they are very powerful unlike most other creatures on this earth the ant is never alone, I have never once in all my life seen a single ant. And that’s what I want to talk about today yes the ant never quits but also they never work alone, they work hand in hand with one another to do everything. And if you think ants don’t do much just think of this, a large ant colony has as many ants as they are people in the United States. They build and maintain their home, they collect food, and they have a nursery with hundreds of thousands sometimes millions of babies. They keep track of everything and get everything done because of one thing. Team work, working together as one each member doing their part in where they belong, everyone benefits. So today as you go through your day think of the ant and when something comes your way just remember how small they are but yet how they go at everything from crossing a river that would be miles wide to us without a boat, to building a city the size of a country, never giving up and always working together. For the bible says one binds a thousands and two ten thousand. So just remember if I can’t do it I alone, I can with help.

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