Daily Guide Post – Time

Daily Word

Yesterday was today, tomorrow will become today. We think very little of yesterday, but each time tomorrow comes into play yesterday is being questioned. Because it is the springboard that propels us into tomorrow, so be careful with today. Pastor Daniel

Will’s word

Past, present, and future are all related, the past effects the present and the future are effected by the present. We must take our time to think about what we are doing and what we have done carefully every day. I once heard that nothing can be change, our past present and future will always be the same, that there was no way to change our future. When I first heard this I just knew it wasn’t true until I remember those words “If you stay in the place in which you are you will surely die”. These words made me realize how true it was, our past is set in stone and the present is now anything we are doing soon becomes the past and cannot be change. But what I didn’t understand till then was the future is determined by our present. No matter what we think our future will remain the same as long as our ways stay the same. Our future cannot and will not ever change because it is not written in stone but it is given to us by God to make what we want out of it. So next time someone tells you it’s time to change the future tell them the future isn’t changeable its time to change the present and have the future you want.

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