Daily Guide Post – Tongues power

Daily guide

The tongue! Small, strong, powerful. Contains life and death, health and sickness, joy and sorrows, blessing and curse, success and failure. What you receive tomorrow depends on how you control your tongue today. You cannot tame it so stop trying to do so. Just start controlling it today, the results will surprise you. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

The most powerful thing in the world is the word; the words you say define everything around you. And many don’t see this simple fact, but it is simple when you look at it from another angle other than the faith you have in God. For instance look at anything in your home from your bed to your TV, none of them would be there without a word. From the word to have they invented to the word that had them broth into your home. Without those words these things wouldn’t be in your home, just like that all things in your life need a word to come into being. Weather that word is good or bad is up to us. So why not make it a word that brings success and life into the lives of booth yourself and the ones around you.

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