Daily Guide Post True Love

Daily Word

How wonderful is the love of God. All the things we do that is so bad we even made mockery of God yet in love He forgave us and erase it from memory and records. When we say, “I love,” think how God loves and to love the same. Love forgives, and is always doing good for another God bless you today.
Pastor Daniel

Wills Word

It’s funny sometimes when I see some things about love; how they talk about the good times then they talk about the bad times where they wanted to leave. And I think what kind of love is that where you can leave it. I know what love is God showed me what true love is being my only, when I lay screaming in pain he comforted me, when no one believed I could he was there telling me I’m almost there don’t give up. I live my life everyday doing my best to help other because of the love I have been showed by God so today let the love of God overwhelm you and reach everyone around you.

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