Daily Guide Post Unchanging God

Daily Word

Bless the Lord, God still is God today. Still is the Great I AM, He is in control, has not lost any of His strength, might, power, or His majesty and He never will. The same great big loving God of yesteryear, He still is today and will be tomorrow that is why I love Him so. Be blessed today.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Change is the one defining thing about this life, we grow from day to day, experience different things that’s changes who we are on a daily bases. Everything from the time the sun rises to the temperature of the air changes every day we awake. And because of this we sometimes forget that God the creator of all things has designed it this way so that we can look to him the one and only thing in this universe that is unchanging. So today look to him, for help, for comfort, for friendship, for everything, for he did it once for you before and as sure as you age He will do it again for he never changes.

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