Daily Guide Post Wasted Mind

Daily Word

Most people fail because they did nothing about their mind. We spend our money on clothes and jewels, having a good time but nothing on the mind, which is our greatest asset. Success is the offspring of the natural state of the mind. Therefore invest in your mind today, protect it don’t waste it.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

A mind is a horrible thing to waste, and I know better than most what it’s like to have a mind that’s gone. On those days I wish, well I try to wish for my mind back. I do my best day after day to keep my mind working to its best for the simple reason that I love my mind and thinking. I know oh so well what it’s like to lose those the ability to think and become a waste, it’s one of the worst feels I have ever felt. So take my words seriously when I tell you a mind a horrible thing to waste.

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