Welcome to a moment for the soul

Welcome to the first day of a moment for the soul, a short daily word to give you strength and bring you closer to the lord every day. This week we will be dealing with fear, how to overcome and deal with that which the devil has put in our path to keep us from doing the lord’s work, and from living the life we want in him.

Did you know the bible gives us 365 verses to deal with fear, yes that means a different one for every day and every situation the devil may bring to you.  For example after being attack by the devil and losing everything he had, his family, possessions, livelihood and even his health. Job said “that which he was afraid of came unto him, and that which he greatly feared came upon him.”

So even though he loved and served God with all his heart, the fear of what could happen to him caused that which he feared most to happen. Then in the midst of his pain and suffering his friend said unto him “cast of your fear and restrain (to be careful what he says in his pray) thy pray unto God so that God will lead you in the plan paths of righteousness and away from fear and distortion.”

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