Daily Guide Post What If He Didn’t

Daily Word

We use the word “if” so often when time was not taken to think things through, or when we see things go wrong. Think with me for a while today, what if God stopped watching over you, what if He says to the sun and moon I don’t care if you fall from the sky. Or when you don’t give Him thanks and say you don’t need Him, He acts like us and takes away the air you breathe. Think about it for a while today.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

What if is a very important word and it is by far one of the only questions that can have some many means but I want you to think of just one for a moment. God created all things and created order to make them stay working. So what if God never did this what if they were no rules to gravity or all the other sciences that we know what would the World be then, After all God made all the laws of since so what if you made none.

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