Daily Guide Post – Words Power

Daily Word

We all must watch what we do and say, for it’s the seed that is, being planted which will become fruits one day and handed back to us. So before you do or say anything please take time to consider if your words will bring back to you what you want.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Words words words, so important they are. They can bring good and they can bring the worst in the world. So today just think before you speak, are you saying something good, bad or do you not know. Well if what you are saying is not good then you should not be saying it, there is no such thing as in-between or somewhat good. The words you say should always, come back to benefit you, because if they aren’t benefiting you they are tearing you down. So remember today if you’re not saying something good you might as well be giving up on everything you are doing.

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